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Yes! that's what it is all about! A true blue "Practice Jam". You go to a "Jam" unprepared. Why stress yourself out at home with a pre-dance list one week in advance and force yourself to dance 90 per cent of the dances?

LineDancing is a Happy, Healthy Recreation, meant to be full of fun. You don't have to prove to anybody anything! Enjoy whatever valuable time you have left at home with family and friends, just go to any of our "jams", relaxed and with an open mind to refresh yourselves.

The Level : You decide! You and friends can bring your own ORIGINAL CDs (if possible)and make whether the nite is "country", "non-country", "wayang", "cheena" or "pop", depends entirely on YOU! Ten of you with CDs would have effectively taken up a quarter of the evening's quota of songs!

However, those without CDs may still request...we will help if we have your songs! Ya lor, those who go early get to have their dance requests person, one face to face request. Ha! sorry hor, you cannot hide behind a pseudonym and make requests through the web! We want to know who you are! haha
*** Please always login our web before going, in case of postponements ***


†1. Please bring own ORIGINAL CD

†2. One song per CD per person

†3. First in first out (come early)

†4. No guarantee of play (we try)

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†1. As we are a Society without any wherewithals, we would appreciate a minimum contribution of $2.00 per dancer to help cover the operating costs. This contribution is voluntary and applicable to only un-sponsored jams.

†2. There shall be no fixed songs for the evening. Participants are encouraged to bring their own ORIGINAL cds and indicate their songs requested. This shall be on a first come first serve basis, one song per cd per person. After which the participant may retrieve the cd and re-queue for another song if time permits. Please come early as we can handle only approx 45 songs in 3 hours.

†3. We would prefer to keep our jams as a practice ground. So, we may restart or repeat some dances according to the wishes of the majority. Let's learn from each other.

†4. Please do not litter the premises. Trash bins are provided nearby.

†5. Please remember to stay in line LOOK UP, SMILE and be HAPPY! (refer to Code of Conduct)

Kindly register your names and contact numbers for us to reach you in future. Your feedback is most appreciated, please login our website : under the heading "FORUM" and "GETTING TO KNOW YOU"

We cannot please all the people all the time, we try and please some people sometime...

The LineDance Society....for the "Joy of Dancing"

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†1.Smile..... be happy!

†2.If you know the dance, join in

†3.If you don't, watch and learn? don't begrudge!

†4.Stay in line, find a proper "grid" space to dance

†5.If you are late then go behind, don't budge in!

†6.Never walk across the dancefloor!

†7.This jamboree is for you, by you.You choose the level, bring your own ORIGINAL CDs, come early

†8.Only you can make yourself happy! Dance like no one is watching!

†The LineDance Society (Singapore) thank you for your support and co-operation....enjoy!

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Dance Debate

* Why do people who prefer more mainstream Pop not complain about Country, but people who prefer Country complain about Pop??

†* People who like Country music are only getting pop music to dance to, whereas people who like pop are getting exactly what they want!?

†* Dances are getting too difficult because of the constant stream of pop?

†* Dances with pop tunes are discarded, I donít even bother to look at them!?

†* If you donít like the dance, sit down!?

†* In ten years, the only thriving dances will be country!?

†* I suggest a period of calm reflection, to see whether we can be a little more tolerant to ensure that Line Dancing will continue..Forever And A Day!?

†(extracted from Line dancer Magazine Oct 2001, it is happening in the UK, we are not alone!)

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1. Practice often and anywhere, in the bus queue, in your mind, just go over those tricky steps.

2. Attend minimum of 2 classes with different teachers. You'll see a different aspect and be a better dancer.

3. Go to one dance/social a week.

4. Exercise your legs. Train for dancing. Build up your leg muscles with weights, aerobics or cycling.

5. Use the internet to Download new dances, check out new sites.

6. Get your shoe soles coated with Topee(name may vary)Get yourself 2 pairs of shoes. One for slippery floor and one for rough.

7. Watch good dancers and study them. Being a good dancer is not a mystery, it is a science.

8. Read dance sheets. Understand them. Anything you don't understand ask someone about it.

9. Get dizzy often.It's important that you push your sense of balance to it's limit. Try reading dance sheets whilst spinning.

10. Go to major line dance festivals and watch great dancers from other areas and other countries.

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