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In this new economy, globalization is the key to most businesses. The major benefit of being "Global" obviously is the unlimited market size and opportunities. The ability to extend the marketing arm overseas is not an affordable issue for most businesses. It is because of this restriction that hinder the growth of the company's revenue. Therefore, one has to think of how to go global by staying local.

The traditional business style will soon be outdated when communication speed improves. The new generation prefers the convenience and comfort of internet shopping at any location, preferably from home. Thousands of enquiries, product searches and sales transactions, be it local or export, are being performed on the internet everyday.

If you want to be in the business, you have to ensure that your company is listed on the net together with your competitors, this will ensure that any enquiries made by home user, corporate or importers, will have your company name included and afford you with a potential business opportunity.

On the other hand, if your company name is not listed, you will be outside the business and lose all potential opportunities.

ESPioneer is a tool to all businesses who wants to do business on the NET Globally. It allows you to create your corporate website or online shopping mall instantly. All you need to do is to register a merchant account and follow some guidance to setup your own webpage or On-line Shopping Mall at your own pace.

The beautiful part of this ESP service is to allow you to set it up by Yourself at the Fastest Time, with the Lowest Cost and Increased Managebility.

What's more? If you are not already having a website address, Espioneer will provide you a GoDirect! Address instantly which can be printed on your business card. There is no need for you to look for a web hosting company to publish your website.