PLEASE....just an APPEAL

Dear fellow LineDancers
Just a matter of interpretation? OK?
The LineDance Society hopes to provide as many Practice Grounds as humanly possible for linedancers to practise. Yes ! it is as simple as that! (please click on the link "forum" under the heading "mathematical question" for more on our "JAMS")
The $2.00 minimum contribution each at some of our unsponsored "jams", goes to cover the cost of hiring sound equipment and deejay. You are advised to bring your own ORIGINAL CDs for your practice. This is on a first come first serve basis. One dancer one CD one song. For those without their own CDs, you may still make a request for the song you wish to revise (we will try and play your song if we have the CD).
Inevitably of course, you may occasionally come across those dances that only a few would know. Well, please take the opportunity to learn! It is FREE! On the other hand, you may also have a dance which only you know and would like to revise and others can learn from you too! Ya Lor, you teach for FREE! (ayah, i mean we share knowledge lah)
The society's organised Practice Grounds is for mature, civilized people to share the venue and its related services.
This is no ordinary LineDance "jam session" that "commercial" organisations practise, where they publish a dance list in advance (so as to attract maximum participation to justify efforts for commercially related interests). Linedancers bestowed with extra time, money and knowledge will then research and practise at home and finally regurgitate all the steps on the dancefloor! Yeah! all the 3 to 4 hours, and hug the dancefloor! This will not be fair to those who are not so privileged (house chores, children schooling, job stress etc)
LineDancing is not about dancing to every song for the evening lah! i believe 10 - 20 dances which you can do with lots of attitude in one jam session should be sufficient.
It is also not about just following a set of steps only. It has got a lot to do with attitude, style, interpretation, expression and feeling!
It is better to dance well to a few songs than to be a robotic dancer to every song! Yes, we all love to learn new dances, but we must also learn...the art of sitting down! Don't begrudge! Watch, cheer and learn from others!
Lastly, let us not forget about fellowship, which is vastly missing in LineDancing in Singapore. If you cannot get along with others and share in a civilized fashion, then it is best you dance by yourself! That way you can play all the dances you know and best of all, have the whole floor to yourself!!
Fortunately, we do know of such a beautiful YOUR VERY OWN HOME!!
So, please be happy when you come to the society's Practice Grounds. Enjoy! Dance! Don't Complain! Don't ridicule other's style, ayah! "Wayang", "Kayu" or "Char tow", "Gelek Queen" etc, so what? all of us are not born equal leh, some have the ability to "gelek" some of us cannot leh.
Come and have fun! OK?
Just a humble plea from your facilitator, ...hehehe

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