Our LineDance Society is run by a few enthusiastic volunteers with common interests. It may be a bit overwhelming for new visitors as everyone seems to know everyone else and the "Family" feeling of warmth and kindness seems to permeate through all levels. You may even feel a little awkward initially, but do not despair, you will soon find your way around and we will do our utmost to help you settle in.
You may even feel demented with the way we do things, but as you settle in, we will explain our culture to you slowly. Of course we will also welcome your suggestions and are ever ready to make improvements for the betterment of the Society. As time goes by, you will surely get the feel of it and realize that you have actually not "joined" the society but rather have been "adopted" as a part of our "Family".
Functions are attended to religiously. Personal good conduct, virtues, kindness, selflessness and sacrifices are highly respected and cherished.
Our motto, "Joy of Dancing" means a lot to us, everyone associated with us MUST be happy! Every single cent collected must be returned to you dancers in kind (after deduction of operating costs). It is in this regard that we are humbly seeking to know you better. We therefore appreciate if you will please fill up this form and return it to us as soon as possible? So you can be counted as a part of our "One Unbroken Family".
Thank you very much.
With our best wishes - your facilitators

N.B. You are now an Associate Member of the LineDance Society (Singapore). No Entrance Fees! No Subscriptions! Just your unfettered support for all kinds of LineDancing at our jamborees!