About the Society

 We started quite by accident when a group of linedancers were invited to a linedance "jamboree" at the EastCoast Park every Tuesday from 12 June 2001. After eleven weeks, the sponsor decided to cease sponsorship and call off the weekly dances.
 The 65 odd dancers then decided to have their own regular "practice sessions" by each making a small contribution to cover the costs of hiring the sound system and dj. Many volunteers stood up for a good cause!
 Then came the question of responsibility and legality. Together, we need to be a formal entity like a "society" of sorts, to do what we are doing. Thus, the LineDance Society (Singapore) was registered on 12 October 2001.

 The LineDance Society (Singapore) represents a new breed of dancers who have decided to discard the old notion of linedancing, that the feet are solely responsible for portraying the dance! (no pun intended!). We are not robots! LineDancing should be portrayed through the actions of the entire body!
 LineDancing has evolved. It still involves a group of civilised people dancing in grid lines to a set of steps following a particular song, but it no longer is restricted to just Country & Western music. There is now an infusion of new attitudes, movements and music including American Pop, European, Latin, Thai "Khoo Kaat", Chinese "Mei Lan, Mei Lan" and even our very own local Malay song "Rasa Sayang!" We'll let "variety be the spice of our life!"
 Our aim is to provide for LineDancing to continue to grow and develop. We accept that there will always be conflicting views and that "fashion" comes and goes. Well, as for now we prefer to be "fashionable", to learn what we can and dance to what we feel is nice!
a. To Promote all forms of LineDancing
b. To organise affordable LineDance Practice Sessions
c. To foster close bond amongst dancers, for the "Joy of Dancing"
d. To share knowledge, ideas and information on LineDance

 For obvious reasons, the Society cannot be biased to any particular instructor or group. We appreciate their maturity and welcome their advices. It aims to complement all their hard work by just providing weekly practice sessions for their students. For this reason, we have maintained our request system for students to bring along their ORIGINAL CDs during practice. Instructors may place their contacts and other announcements in our website absolutely FREE of charge.
 Membership is open to anyone who loves all forms of LineDancing. No age limits. No Entrance Fee. No annual subscriptions. You can be an associate member by just attending our "practice sessions." We welcome you to fill in a simple form available in our website under the link "getting to know you."