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The Platinum Merchant Plan brings more business to your doorstep. 

Now you can start an online shop front and have the ability to perform e-transactions over the internet.

Activate an ADD TO CART button for all items in your product catalog.
Collect Orders online through and order form or a shopping basket and receive your orders via email.
Track Orders online and update the shipment details
Suitable for any business that has capability for online sales collection, such as Flowers, Books, CDs, DVDs, Hardware, Consumer Electronics, Electronic Products, Training Courses, Definable Services, Antiques, Collectibles, Showroom items.....virtually any business.

Singapore SMEs who qualify can apply for the SPRING Singapore LETAS E-Commerce Implementation Consultancy Grant. More Info....


All the Most Wanted features of the Silver Plan and Gold Plan Plus More....

Integrated E-Shop
Shopping cart takes care of all your orders easily.

Online Web-based E-Order Management 
View all the orders placed online from the e-order system. Manage your order and shipments easily. Keep close tab of all your e-orders. Buyers will also be able to view items ordered online.

Online Credit Card Processing Ready
Just indicate at time of registration your need for online credit card processing and this feature will automatically be integrated to your shopping cart and e-order system. No costly customization and delays in your implementation.

More Product Items
You can maintain up to 1000 products on your web page with an interactive form filling data entry screen. You can upload up to 1000 product pictures on the fly while you are editing your product information. No FTP is required, you can make all these changes anytime and anywhere in the world.

More Publicity
All your products maintained in your own web page will be linked to the espioneer homepage automatically. Therefore, besides your own customers who have access to your website, all visitors of espioneer will be able to locate your website easily via the shopping and product search facilities.

Please contact us at (065) 6-7475665 for more details.

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