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Sell More with the ESPioneer E-Marketing List Builder:

Increase sales to Existing clients and reach out to
New ones at Internet speed.
Market your products and services more effectively
Reduce your marketing effort and costs.
Send More marketing materials to your clients in 
less time and increase your market share. 

Design your e-marketing mailers easily

Collect new leads and contacts easily


Professional Mailer Design Tool

We have the easy-to-use web based design tool for you to create nice and professional mailers or news letters. There is no fixed template, you can design your mailer in the way you like it. You can create up a total of 20 Mailers at any one time. Each Mail may contains Text, HTML codes, Tables and Images. All Mail can be hyperlinked to each other to form a powerful and professional news letter. You can preview the mailer before you send it out to the customers to ensure that what you see is what they get.

Image Maintenance Tool

The image maintenance tool allows you to upload images from the scanned-in documents and the pre-stored images as taken from the Digital camera. These images can be placed anywhere in your mailer to form a professional document. You are allowed to maintain 50 images at all time.

Private Mailing List Data Collection

The mailing list collection program allows you to capture mailing list with business classification, industry category and country code specification. These mailing list will be useful for your future broadcasting to the targeted audience.

Broadcast Using Private Mailing List

Broadcast as many time as you want using your own private mailing list with selection criteria to reach out to the targeted audience. The broadcast will be carried out in a batch of 300 customers with an interval of one hour to avoid traffic jam. There is also an user-defined interval period where the same customer can receive the next mail. This will avoid accidental sending of same mail to the same customer repeatedly within the interval period. However, there is no limit to the no. of customers to be broadcasted. You can broadcast to as many customers as you have collected in your own private mailing list.

Automatic Subscribe and Unsubscribe Facility

With the subscribe and unsubscribe facility, you can easily manage your email marketing campaign and automatically send emails only to those who are subscribed to your mailing list. All unsubscribes are handled by the system and there is no need for any user intervention.

Please contact us at (065) 6-7475665 for more details.

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